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Is the best greens powder the one that packs the most certified organic vegetables into one daily dose? The one that promises glowing skin, a hardy digestive system, and a boosted immune system? We’d argue that the best greens powder is the one that you are actually going to drink, and the dusty bottles of multivitamins and dietary supplements in the back of your “wellness drawer” would agree. So while the packaging will tell you plenty, the real question—”Is this something I’m going to be willing to consume once a day?”—can only be answered by a taste test.

Greens powders have undeniable appeal. Kale salads for life, but why wouldn’t you want to gas up your morning smoothie with all the vitamins and nutrients that leafy greens provide? It seems like you can’t swing a crystal without hitting a new superfood supplement brand on the market, so whether you’re interested in elevating your overall health or you just want something that tastes good, there is likely an option for you—and we’re here to help you find it.

First, we subjected our coworkers to an exhaustive taste test of the most popular greens powders on the market. While several products use sweeteners to mellow out the grassy taste, we found our favorites didn’t shy away from earthy flavors or hide behind artificial flavoring. They tasted as advertised—like powdered greens and proud of it.

After narrowing the field to the products we deemed delicious, we consulted two registered nutritionists: New York based Amy Shapiro (MS, RD, CDN,) and Los Angeles based Mascha Davis (MPH, RDN). They sifted through the hype and assessed the real impact of the best greens powders on the market.

This article was originally written in 2017 by Aliza Abarbanel and was updated by Tiffany Hopkins.

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