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  • First, these are delicious and taste exactly like what you would expect at a Chinese takeout. This was a date night activity, so we didn’t mind how long they took to make. However, I am glad we ordered takeout for the rest of the menu because it would have been an exhausting evening otherwise.

    We followed the recipe exactly and from start to finish it took us about 3.5 hours, including about 1.5 hours of down time which we used for clean up, wine, and water coloring.

    Will I make these again soon? Unlikely, but I’m glad to know I can.

  • These were so good; I’d venture to say restaurant quality/flavor. I followed the recipe exactly using vegetable oil. I cooked one at a time and wish I had used a larger pan and cooked more at a time to speed up the process. My picky kids at them all up.

  • These are fantastic, fun to make but do take a long time. This is my second batch. I’ll cook 2 to go with dinner and freeze the rest in packs of 2. They thaw out fast and cook up great. I cook quick on med-high heat for color on both sides then turn it down and continue on low til they cook through.

  • one of my favourite BA recipes. very time consuming but worth it for such a moreish delight. haven’t been able to find chicken fat though, I just use duck fat.

  • RAMPed up this recipe – used ramps in place of scallions – and used probably an extra 1/4 cup of water to get the dough together, but this was a great base recipe to play with, and turned out seriously delicious. It’s definitely a project, but is something different and fun to try when we’ve got the time. Ate alongside Chinese sausage for a great meal!

  • I followed this to a T! And they turned out beautifully.. me and my boyfriend accidentally finished the whole plate.. thank you!

  • The technique for making these is solid but the cooking times are a lie. 8 to 10 minutes over a low heat will get you raw pancakes with no colour to them (nothing like the illustrative photo). Why not just be honest in the recipe that they take significantly longer than that?

  • These were so successful and actually much simpler than they appeared. The cook time was pretty long, but if I had done more than one pancake at once I could’ve improved that

  • So good! I was sorta shocked by the ratio of scallion to flour, but the end result is fairly perfect. This was also denser and thicker than those that I had when I lived in china, but I also only had self rising flour on hand, so that may have had something to do with it?

  • Harder to make than I was expecting, especially since the scallions have a tendency to break through the dough when rolling. But that’s my inexperience, not the recipe’s fault. As other reviews note, this recipe is much more time-consuming than you might think. But wonderfully crispy and flaky!

  • Delicious and addictive– though not better than those I get from the local takeout place. It was a fun project for a Saturday afternoon. I subtracted one star only because this recipe is very time-intensive. I can’t see myself making it more than once a year.

  • Preposterously good. I must admit that I grew a little tired of cooking the 6th, 7th, and 8th pancakes as the clock ticked towards 11:00 PM (i.e. don’t underestimate the time that this will take, especially if you’ve never made them before), but nonetheless I’ve scarcely eaten better scallion pancakes at a restaurant. The sauce left a little to be desired; I added a little fish sauce and more acid. But a lovely project when you have some time on your hands (as we all do), and want to drink a bottle (or two) of wine while you do it.

  • Hokay so I thought I had all the quarantine ingredients for this but apparently threw out the expired corn starch this weekend. While I thought I would be problematic, 1cup + 1/4 cup of flour was not the worst thing to happen to me. I was extremely impressed by the simplicity and flexibility to this recipe. 10/10 will make again (with corn starch)

    Side note: I was able to get 6 pancakes based on the 1/4 measurement. Not sure if it was corn starch specific but literally zero people are complaining

  • Green onion pancakes are close to my heart, and this recipe is a huge success!
    I’m so glad to see the recipe calling for warm water in the flour, as that is key for a crispy pancake.
    I’ve not tried making them with toasted sesame oil added to the four mixture, and boy that is ingenious.
    I used a mixture of white pepper and kosher salt to season the oiled dough, also I luckily have canola oil that I used to make fried chicken the night before = fried chicken infused canola oil!
    I have to say I find the composing/rolling technique in this recipe although traditional, less conducive to a cohesive and thin pancake. I used a modified technique; instead of rectangular flat dough, I roll each serving(8 servings still) into long and narrow rectangular pieces, about 2 inches wide,12 inches long, to which I apply oil, seasoning and green onions. To roll, I start from one end, fold into a tight ball and folding the sides up as I roll along the length, making sure the green onions all stay neatly inside. I end up with what looks like a mini hot dog roll, then I take it standing vertically, push down in a twisting motion, then flatten and roll it out.
    This is now my go-to green onion pancake recipe!

  • These were unbelievable – as good as the ones I get from our beloved local spot (shout out to Ming’s Caffe in Chinatown, NYC). I halved the recipe and used a bit less oil than was called for — I put the oil in a little shot-sized measuring glass and used it as needed. The dipping sauce is everything.

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