busyfood.net – Murg Malai Tikka Recipe: How to Make Murg Malai Tikka Recipe

If you’re looking for an appetizer for your Bakrid feast, then this Murg Malai Tikka must be your go-to option. It has succulent chicken pieces coated in creamy, cheesy marinade. The chicken pieces are then cooked on a griller along with onions. You can add in more veggies if you want like capsicum and tomato. Also, if you wish to grill it in the oven, you can bake the chicken pieces for 10 mins alternatively on each side. Making Murg Malai Tikka on a griller leaves a smoky flavor to it. This delicious tikka can be served alongside mint chutney or your favorite dip. A bite of this creamy tikka will leave you mesmerized, just make this quick tikka and impress your loved ones. So, make sure you don’t miss out on this recipe and do incorporate Murg Malai Tikka in your Bakrid feast menu.

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