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Looking for new British beers? Want to try unique brews from across the UK? We’ve highlighted some of the best craft beers from Britain’s top breweries.

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Best British beers

Eko Haze New England IPA, £41.95/12 pack of 440ml, Beer Hunter

London’s Eko Brewery makes beer inspired by African traditions and ingredients, and their latest release, a hazy NEIPA, is a homage to a classic African drink, palm wine. Brewed with coconut palm sugar, this is a winningly juicy, fruity affair with tart citrus notes and a rounded sweetness from the palm sugar. At 6.5% ABV it’s quite boozy, but the 440ml can means you can easily split between two people.

A can of Eko Haze

Buxton Jacob’s Ladder, £3.09/440ml, Honest Brew

If you talk to any beer fans about Buxton, they’ll wax lyrical about its imperial stouts, double IPAs and sours, but this low-ABV session pale (2.7%) is equally worthy of high praise. Plus, 10p of every pint sold is donated to the Buxton Mountain Rescue Team. However, this isn’t a token charity beer, far from it in fact. The brewers have pummelled the beer with hops to give it wonderfully bitter grapefruit, peach and citrus flavours. Although it has very little body, this doesn’t really matter  because of how wonderfully bright and drinkable this beer is.

Magic Rock High Wire, £2.29/330ml, Beer Hawk

Possibly Huddersfield’s finest export, Magic Rock has been brewing critically acclaimed beers since its inception in 2011. High Wire is its tribute to the pale ales typical of the west coast of America, unashamedly hop-forward and bursting with tropical fruit aromas and pithy citrus flavours; think mangoes, passion fruits and lychees all colliding with a superbly dry bitterness.

Freeride Magic Rock

Beavertown Gamma Ray, £2.30/330ml, Amazon

Although slightly stronger than your average session beer this is a seriously moreish, easy drinking ale that has become one of London’s go-to craft canned beers. Rammed with big, intense American hops, flamboyant tropical aromas and colourful label art make this the perfect choice for summer.

Siren Lumina Session IPA, £2.39/330ml, Honest Brew

All summery tropical hoppiness, this winningly accessible IPA has a beautifully soft mouthfeel thanks to the addition of oats in the beer.


Wiper & True Milk Shake, £3/440ml, Waitrose

Bristol’s Wiper & True make exceedingly tasty beers all complemented by beautiful label art. The Milk Shake is their take on a traditional milk stout, which they’ve crammed full of chocolate malt and vanilla pods to create a rich, sweet and velvety dark beer, perfect for finishing off a meal – try it with our malted brownies with sea salt. It really does have a feeling of milk shake about it!

Fourpure Citrus Session IPA, £2/330ml, Four Pure

Fourpure’s whole range has undergone a summer makeover. This crisp, refeshing IPA (previously known as Easy Peeler) packs in the citrus fruit for a light and lovely thirst-quencher.

A can of FourPure Citrus Session IPA

Wild Beer Co Millionaire. £1.80/330ml, Sainsbury’s

A typically quirky creation from this refreshingly unorthodox brewery, this super-smooth, indulgent dessert beer is inspired by a classic millionaire’s shortbread. Like liquid caramel in a bottle, but with a savoury edge that stops it from being sickly. Pair with all manner of chocolate and caramel-based puds.

People’s Captain Legend APA, £14.29/6 pack, People’s Captain

A classic American pale ale with a piney, citrus kick, this is great served with spicy summery food like tacos or kebabs. A percentage of each beer sold also goes to the People’s Captain Foundation to support mental health initiatives.

A can of People's Captain Legend

Thornbridge Brewery Love Among the Ruins, £7/375ml, Thornbridge Brewery

Thought that all fruit beers were sweet? Think again. This poetically named Flemish-style sour beer won gold at the World Beer Cup Awards in 2016 and it’s not hard to see why. Aged in Burgundy wine barrels with morello cherries for over a year, expect vivid fruit flavours combined with a punchy sourness. Complex and elegant.

Kernel Damson Export Stout, £5.50/330ml, Hop Burns & Black

Kernel’s Export Stout spent a few months in a tank with some British damsons and the result is rather lovely. Smooth, mellow and easy drinking, with delicious juicy tartness from the damsons. A cracking beer for autumn.


Grey Skies Headliner, £26/12 pack, Grey Skies

Sometimes simplicity is best – such as with this likeable, straightforward lager from new Manchester brewery Grey Skies. Clean and crisp, with an appealing soft maltiness, it’s a great everyday beer. We also liked their Studio Session pale ale, with its perky, piney hoppiness and peachy stone fruit notes.

Grey skies Headliner Lager

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Best Craft Beers

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