busyfood.net – Baked Beetrot Chips Recipe: How to Make Baked Beetrot Chips Recipe

Yearning for some delicious chips? Then try these healthy and delicious homemade chips by following some simple steps given below.

Baked Beetroot Chips make for a healthy snack option. They are made with beetroots which are essentially rich in fiber, potassium, iron, and many important nutrients that are required by the human body. Adding beetroot to your diet can be quite beneficial. So, what’s better than preparing a fun, quirky snack out of beetroots and some mild spices. Beetroot chips are nutritious, healthy, and you can munch them guilt-free. Just add some sea salt for extra seasoning and there you go. You can also have them with your favorite dip. If you are a fitness freak or follow a healthy lifestyle, you can’t miss out on this recipe. Try it once and you’ll bid goodbye to your oily, fried chips.

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