busyfood.net – 51 Best Summer Appetizers Perfect For Any Summer Shindig

Nothing kicks off a cookout like passing around a plate of tasty summer appetizers. (Okay, a tray of refreshing cocktails never hurts, either.) After all, a lazy outdoor hang should never feel rushed, and having some easy summer appetizers on deck means you don’t have to feel stressed about getting the main courses out on any particular timeline. When it’s exceptionally hot, we always root for cold appetizers like a refreshing tomato caesar, salty and sweet watermelon salad, or a pile of crunchy fresh vegetables and this impressively rich and easy aioli. Not deterred by the heat? We promise it’s worth firing up your oven for this heirloom tomato galette, or starting the grill early so you can set out some charred veggies in a simple tomato sauce. Cold, hot, and everything in between, these are the easy summer appetizers we’re looking forward to whipping up this year.

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